Nanushka’s latest Pre-Fall 2019 collection channels feminine 
values that reflect a signature modern nomadic aesthetic that 
has been carefully infused by 70’s interior design inspirations.

Nanushka has taken an iconic era of fashion, art, and culture 
and reworked it into a contemporary collection for the modern human. 
Minimalistic style mixed with feminine silhouettes and earth-toned 
garments has been tied together with soft splashes of new season 
prints such as grannimal and snake.

Relaxed and elongated silhouettes in new shades of washed cotton reflect the 
traditional shapes that have been infused with a fresh focus on size and proportion. 
Added touches of ruching and sarong details have been added to truly accentuate 
the female figure and all of her other sensual curves. Shades of cold taupe, retro dusty 
pink, savory Himalayan salt, and ravishing rose add feminine clues that translate into 
an effortless, yet well-coordinated wardrobe.

The minimalist style with feminine silhouettes
dominated by soft, yet deep earth tones and dusty
pastel hues all tied together with splashes of snake
print and hints of sorbet pink make for a signature
style which highlights classic pieces with
subtly innovated designs.

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