labels: lives a different lifestyle. We believe in fashion brands that innovate new designs, focus on the quality and initiate their own tribes. labels: consists a multi-brand fashion retail formula that embraces selected fashion brands from established designers and young emerging talents around the globe.

at labels: we are looking at a brighter scenario, endorsing a conscious lifestyle and a sensitive sense for high quality. A pinker lifestyle in which we buy less and choose well; praise the new and respect the heritage; love the raw beauty and admire artificial art; support one another; live sustainably for a bigger cause.


labels: offers an urban contemporary appeal to Vietnamese fashionistas, those who love to live and breath urbanization through innovative garments, selected from established designers and young emerging talents around the globe.

Cutting edge fashion, sophistication with a twist, creative thinking, plenty of humor and a quality oriented business philosophy without limitation makes LABELS: who we are: a rock solid yet highly discreet fashion formula. 



Viên Thông Corporation (VTC) started as private Limited Liability company operating business mainly on telecommunication field, later expanding to Real Estate in 2002. The headquarter is located in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

Through out years, VTC constantly strives to deliver quality and results to become trusted partners in many business domains. With 26 years of successful trading and a wealth of experience, we are still continuing to expand, develop and innovate.

This year, VTC aims to explore the ways of being, wearing clothes and living the city, this project offers what we call Style to the contemporary market through innovative garments, which cherry-picked from established designers and young emerging talents.

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